Vinyl Flooring in Melbourne

Manufactured from PVC, vinyl flooring is the inexpensive and durable flooring option most often associated with schools, grocery stores, retro kitchens, and hospitals. Invented in 1926, vinyl flooring has come a long way.

At Nuovo Kitchens & Baths, LLC., we’ve installed a lot of commercial and residential vinyl flooring in Melbourne, and the options currently available would surprise most.

Printed in planks, tiles, or the classic sheets, vinyl flooring can mimic just about any other flooring material there is including marble and hardwood floors.

When you’re looking for an affordable and easy to maintain flooring option, vinyl may be the perfect choice for you. Ask us today about your options!

Sheet Vinyl Installation

The classic method of vinyl installation, the cost to install vinyl flooring will set you back roughly $1.80 per square foot. As vinyl floor contractors who have worked with many types of flooring, we love to recommend this affordable and attractive flooring option to all our Melbourne clients.

Available in diamond patterning, solid colors, wood imitation, marble imitation, and more, you can have your choice of flooring for less by installing vinyl flooring in your home.

Vinyl Tile Installation

At $2.44 per square foot, vinyl tile is slightly more expensive than sheet vinyl due to its manufacturing process, but it still isn’t going to break the bank.

Ease of installation is a plus when it comes to vinyl tile. While the Nuovo Kitchens & Baths, LLC. team can handle anything, the simple sections allow for much faster work completion. Tile also allows for additional creativity as it can be installed in any desired configuration! More durable, replicable, and simple to store if you want to keep some extra pieces around, vinyl tile is worth the extra expense.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

More affordable than classic hardwood or its modern laminate counterpart, wood-look vinyl flooring that comes in the form of planks is a new and exciting floor option Nuovo Kitchens & Baths, LLC. has made available to Melbourne homeowners.

From oak to ash and beyond, vinyl plank flooring can imitate any hardwood out there. Water-resistant, it is the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens if you’re dreaming of a wood floor but are worried about the water damage hardwood and laminate may take.

Installing vinyl plank flooring is simple for a professional team, and with its long-lasting quality, once it’s in place you’ll be set with your new floor for up to 20 years. And at $2.49 per square foot, the cost to install vinyl plank flooring is well worth it.

Get Creative With Your Flooring

While there are a lot of flooring options out there, vinyl is arguably one of the most creative. Able to mimic any of its more expensive competition, you can mix and match and choose any color you want. It’s even more eco-friendly as many would think, being 100% recyclable and containing 45% recycled content!

If you’re ready to see how vinyl has evolved over the years, give us a call today. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to help start you on your flooring journey!